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Welcome to the Waikato Plan

The Waikato Plan is the overarching strategic plan for the whole region that was developed by the region’s leaders to address the challenges the region faces. It provides an action plan to support the integrated development of the region for the next 30 years.

The guiding principles of the Plan:

  1. Together we are stronger. Collaboration builds strength and understanding, fills gaps, and cuts duplication. 
  2. To succeed as a region, all parts of the Waikato must be as successful as they can be.

The Waikato Plan priorities for improving the Waikato’s social, economic, cultural and environmental outcomes are:

  1. planning for population change,
  2. connecting our region through targeted investment,
  3. partnering with iwi/Māori,
  4. addressing water allocation and quality, and
  5. advancing regional economic development.

The Waikato Plan is governed by a Joint Committee, the Waikato Plan Leadership Group, of representatives from local government, iwi, business, community and government agencies.

The plan was adopted in August 2017. The focus in now on implementing the Plan to ensure we harness the benefit of our collaboration to build champion communities together.

As with all strategies, the Waikato Plan is a living, breathing document. It is important that the Plan remains relevant to the region and reflects the challenges of a changing environment.

A publicly available annual report on progress will be provided in October 2018.

Read the Plan

You can download and read a focused summary of the Plan approved by the Joint Committee and a full version. There's also an implementation programme with recommended action timelines and status updates.  Just click on a link below.

Waikato Plan – summary document

Waikato Plan – full document

Waikato Plan Implementation Programme

Waikato Plan on a page

Waikato Plan diagram - key actions and key actors

Image - cover of documents