Climate Change

Taking action on climate change is a key priority of the Waikato Plan. In its role as facilitator and connector, the Waikato Plan is working to integrate and coordinate the region’s climate change response and activities. To get involved please contact us.

Key actions

The Waikato Plan partners realise the region will be subject to further projected changes to our climate, which must be factored into adaptation actions, including future land use. Delivery includes working with the community driven Waikato Wellbeing Project (a project that has localised the United Nations sustainable development goals), local government’s climate action roadmaps, iwi climate strategies and those of central government.

Our priorities include:

  • Communications and Empowerment

  • Transportation

  • Restoration and Biodiversity

  • Energy

  • Food Systems and Land Use


The Waikato Plan operates with the understanding that no one agency can effectively respond some of the complex issues we are facing, especially the changing climate and the flow-on implications of ambitious climate mitigation responses. Through a system-wide approach, the Waikato Plan enables the region to address these future challenges in an integrated way, with sufficient scope (partnership responsibilities), and at a scale (regional) that is relevant to creating meaningful solutions for communities and businesses.


We consider that our multi-stakeholder partnership approach is unique and has been developed to address and overcome implementation issues associated with achieving cross-cutting goals. We believe we can add value to the work of the Climate Change Commission, with respect to regional implementation of national policy for agreed targets, and that a strong relationship between the Climate Change Commission and the Waikato Plan will enable more meaningful climate change responses at a sub-national level. 

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