Community Connectivity

The Waikato Plan acknowledges that the actions we take collectively will ensure our region and our people prosper. To effectively plan for the future we must engage with strategic partners and communities to enable positive outcomes for our people and environment. 

Strategic partners

The success of the Waikato Plan is dependent on effective engagement with local communities and businesses through approaches that enable local decision-making to the greatest extent possible while achieving shared outcomes.

Business and community views to inform strategic decision-making

The objective of the Strategic Partners Forum (SPF) is to provide a body comprising representatives from community agencies (including non-government and government where appropriate) who provide strategic advice to the Waikato Plan Leadership Group in relation to the implementation of the Waikato Plan.

The Strategic Partners Forum provides a knowledge pool of business and community views as well as information that can inform strategic decision-making. The Forum acts as a 'think tank' to assist implementation with a through a solution orientated approach.

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Around 15 organisations are represented and selected on the basis of the membership criteria:


  • Members should have the ability to increase awareness of the Waikato Plan and the mechanisms to assist and support effective implementation

  • Agencies with a regional or national affiliation

  • Mandate to speak on behalf of sectors affected by the Waikato Plan

  • Cover the region, which is the scope of the Waikato Plan

  • Represent the four well-beings as defined in the Local Government Act 2002 being social, economic, cultural and environmental

  • Have a structure in place that allows outwards and inwards communication in respect of membership

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Existing membership organisations include:

Representation is limited to one person per organisation but an alternate can be sent in the absence of the nominated representative..